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Mayor Greg Deemie Responds to Rival Candidate

Johnson City Mayor Greg Deemie will see some competition this time around as he runs for mayor.

Democrat Barrett Esworthy announced  his candidacy for Johnson City Mayor Wednesday.

Greg Deemie became interim mayor on April 25th of 2012 as a result of the former mayor's resignation.

He ran unopposed at the end of last year to finish out a one year term.

Greg Deemie says that his experience on the board and as mayor make him a great candidate.

Deemie also stated that many of Esworthy's campaign issues are already being addressed.

"You know shared services, revitalization, trying to get rid of blight, working with code, so I don't see how unless he has other ideas that we don't know," said Johnson City Mayor Greg Deemie.

The vote for Johnson City Mayor will take place this November.

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