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B-Mets Grounds Crew is an important part of the team

BINGHAMTON -- When the B-Mets are on the road, there is still a team hard at work at NYSEG Stadium: the grounds crew.

"My assistant comes in and mows right off the bat. He'll come in and mow the outfield and I'll do the infield and foul territory with a push mower," explains Head Groundskeeper E.J Folli.

It's a tall task, but its one of the best parts of the job.

Assistant Groundskeeper Tyler Jennings describes his time in the outfield, "This is pretty much one of the best things I do here. I get to put my music on and relax and think. I enjoy it."

It takes a little over an hour each day to maintain the lawn, and a little bit of extra love too.

Folli says, "We're watering, as long as its not raining, we're watering almost daily."

And then theres the rest of the infield, which also requires lots of attention when the team comes home.

"The pitcher's mound and home plate get re-clayed and re-finished every night. It's a nightly job. I do the mound and my assistant does the plate," describes Folli.

The care taken by the grounds crew is not lost on the players. Mark Cohoon, who leads the B-Mets in all-time innings pitched, has spent a lot of time on the mound at NYSEG Stadium. 

"It's probably one of the best mounds that we get to pitch on all year," says the lefty.

And one of the safest.

"E.J and the rest of the guys really listen to what we have to say and they're always concerned with how the condition of the mound is," adds Cohoon.

For a first-place team like the B-Mets, that attention to detail can mean everything.

B-Mets Manager Pedro Lopez says, "They're just another piece of the puzzle in our team and our success. E.J and his staff deserve a lot of credit for how this seasons been going so far for us."

E.J and his team typically begin preparing the field three days before a homestand in case of any unexpected weather or other problems. The B-Mets return home on Tuesday, August 6.

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