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DOE: Fracking Didn't Taint Water

There's another round of debate on both sides of the fracking issue.

A new federal study on hydraulic fracturing released Friday, gives a boost to those who support the controversial drilling technique.

The Department of Energy study shows fracking chemicals have not contaminated drinking water aquifers at a western Pennsylvania drilling site.

Researchers have found that chemicals used to obtain gas thousands of feet below the surface do not migrate upward to the areas that hold drinking water.

Anit-frackers say this study is not relevant because the wells in Pennsylvania are much deeper than wells in New York.

"This proves what we've been saying all along.  That fracking is safe.  It needs to be done.  It's being done in Illinois, Chicago, Pennsylvania, and New York needs to get going," said Dan Fitzsimmons, President of the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York.

"It doesn't show fracking is safe.  It just shows that a handful of wells had limited problems.  That's why we need comprehensive public health and environmental safeguards in New York before fracking," said the president of Toxics Targeting, Walter Hang.

The study is still ongoing.

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