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Tree Falls On House

A Binghamton resident already unhappy with the extent a tree in front of her house was trimmed due to a NYSEG-backed plan to get limbs away from power lines now has another issue: the tree fell on her house.

Angie Ambra of 112 Laurel Avenue says her son was on the back porch around 8:45 Wednesday night when he heard what he thought was firecrackers. When he checked out front, he saw the tree had fallen.

Ambra says no one was hurt and hasn't seen initial damage. She says before the tree fell, she was surprised by how much of it was cut away as part of the pruning effort, estimating about half the tree was removed. According to Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan, city and NYSEG arborists examined trees before pruning and an incident like Wednesday's would have been tough to avoid.

"You can't really tell that that might have happened. But now that it has happened I think we'll probably and I talked to Councilwoman (Teri) Rennia about this - send out our personal arborist to look at every tree that's been trimmed," said Ryan.

Ambra thinks the roof of her front porch absorbed much of the blow from the fallen tree.

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