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Broome County Looks To Protect Roads

Ready for an influx of traffic?  Broome County is looking to protect its roads.

As New York State awaits a decision on natural gas drilling, officials say it's important to take action now in anticipation of more traffic for future projects.  The goal is to have a universal program throughout the county where any company wishing to use county and-or town roads and plans on using heavy duty trucks, must apply for a permit and meet certain criteria so that roads aren't left in poor condition.

"This is kind of one off.  So what would be an exception, or an anomaly to what we built the roads for.  So we want to ensure that when this influx of new traffic, new weights come in, that our roads are going to be left in the same condition," said, Commissioner of the Broome County Department of Public Works Daniel Schofield.

Schofield says about seven to eight towns have a similar law already in place.  The county legislature hopes to adopt this law in August.

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