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Volunteers On Court

They will spend this week running all over the courts at Recreation Park but they won't receive any of the prize money.  We're not talking about the players--but about the ball boys and girls at the Leven Gouldin and Thompson Tennis Challenger. 

Many who were on court Tuesday have been volunteering for years.  They say along with handing over towels and balls to the players, they help the tournament run smoothly. The kids and teens say they learn a lot from sharing the court with the professional athletes.

"You really got to keep your composure.  Some times you just get angry," said Liam Burtis, ball boy.

"I look up to them.  They show a lot of really good sportsmanship out there which I try to do and they just play really well and I hope to be as good as them," said Austin Tanner, volunteer and former ball boy.

One of the ball boys says his favorite part is you'll never know who you'll meet. 8 years ago Andy Murray, who won Wimbledon this year, played on the very same courts.

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