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Pig and Dog Racing at Tioga Downs

NICHOLS -- After having such success with the camel and ostrich races only a few weeks ago, Tioga Downs looked to have the same result with different animals. Pigs and Dogs took off today at Tioga Downs on Family Fun Day.

"It's just something that's totally different, you don't normally see anything like this it's definitely a fun family show. That's really what we're trying to do here at Tioga Downs. We had almost Six-Thousand people here for Camel and Ostrich racing so that let's you know that people want to see something fun and different that they don't get to see everyday,"
said Justin Horowitz, Regional Racing and Marketing Manager at Tioga Downs.

"We're here to provide some entertainment and fun at the race tracks and the kids who are here. They do a family fun day on Sundays and that's what we're here to do," said David Feimster, Owner, Hot Dog Pig Races.

"When they decide they would like us to come back, we would be happy to come back here to Tioga Downs," said David Feimster.

"It's just really a part of what we do and we're hoping next year to even go bigger and better and trying to improve on this event for people," said Justin Horowitz.

Scott Sasina, Fox 40 HD News.

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