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Incoming Freshman Orient Themselves with BU

(Source: Kate Thornton)

Monday was the first day of the first group of Freshman Orientation at Binghamton University.

For high school classmates Austin Ferrier and Sean John, Monday was the end of one chapter, and the framing of their future at BU.

"We've been pretty good friends for a few years now, so it should be fun," said Ferier.

Throughout the summer, groups 200-300 students will participate in orientation.

Ferrier and John were just a few among the hundreds of BU Class of 2017'ers at orientation.

In the next couple of days, the students will sleep in the dorms, register for classes, and get to know some of their peers.

"We feel that it's really important to get the students acclimated to the campus before coming in the fall to try to reduce some of those nerves of moving into a brand new place, and moving in with a roommate that you have never met before," said BU Coordinator New Student Programs Betsy Staff.

Like most incoming freshman, Jenna Herr is more than eager to begin her college career at BU.

"I'm really ready to go to college and just experience all new things," said Herr.

Her parents on the other hand, were feeling rather nostalgic. 

"I was just thinking about when she went to kindergarten," said Jenna's mother Debbie Herr.

But Jenna's parents said they couldn't be more proud of the young woman she's become.

"Jenna being the oldest, it's been nice to see the transition from high school to now college," said Jenna's father Alex Herr.

And Jenna's parents weren't the only ones on campus suddenly facing an empty nest syndrome.  They're trying to prepare for a moment that brings with it lots of mixed emotions.

"He's ready to go away, and we're ready to have him go away," said Debbie Shwartz, mother to incoming freshman Sam Shwartz.  "He's not attached to the hip.  He's been very independent the last couple of years of high school." 

Sam Shwartz said he plans on majoring in biomedical.

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