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Plenty for everyone to learn at B-Mets Players Camp

BINGHAMTON -- On the field, it's all about winning.  But this week:  "It's all about the kids, we're trying to give back to the community," said B-Mets Manager Pedro Lopez

The annual B-Mets Players Camp brings together the players and local kids for some helpful tips.

"They got us doing the fundamentals of baseball," said Joey Carbo, B-Mets Season Ticket Holder

"How to catch a fly ball," said Brandon Traver of Meshoppen, PA

"Pitching," said Patrick Giblin of Binghamton

"Hitting," said Jackson Retzlaff.

"How to field a ground ball," Traver said.

While the kids range from ages 8-14, Lopez says he sees some talent, and jokes that some of his guys should be worried.

"It's nice, we've got a couple good players, I've been telling the guys to keep you eye on them," Lopez said.

"Hopefully, I'm not here in a few years when these kids are coming up, there's definitely some talent out there," said B-Mets centerfielder Darrell Ceciliani.

While most of the teaching is done by the pros on the field, the kids give them something back as well.

"Sometimes you treat it like your job and sometimes you've got to have those moments where you step back and say 'hey, you know what? I'm playing a game," said B-Mets pitcher Mark Cohoon.

"You've got to have fun doing it.  You don't have fun doing it, there's no drive or passion to it," Ceciliani said.  "Thats the main thing, when you're little, you play it because you love it, and I think all of us here with Binghamton, we play it because we love it too."

The change in perspective is the key reason why the players and coaches are so eager to take time out of the busy Eastern League Schedule

"They come out and support us, so coming out here to work with these kids and support them, and show some support back, it's a good thing for us," Ceciliani said.

Lopez added, it's all about fun: "It's a lot of fun, they're having a blast, we're having a blast."

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