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Thousands at Montrose, PA Patriotic Parade

Every Fourth of July, Montrose Pennsylvania's patriotic parade gives families a chance to showcase their American spirit.

"I said hey, we're going to the Fourth of July parade.  Let's get our shirts on and everybody matched," said Andrea Schmidt of Clifford, Pennsylvania.

One family chose matching doo-rags.

"We choose them every Fourth of July like this. They all have their own," said Joseph O' Rouska of Montrose.

Others decorated their faces, and some put on full costumes.

They came to see flaming cars, a trail of tractors, and even horses pulling a carriage.

For some, the best part was something even sweeter.

"The candy, it's always a race to get to the candy," said O' Rouska.

While the day was filled with fun, the deeper meaning of the day was not forgotten especially by those who served like Gerald Roberts, who fought in Korea.

"It means my whole life, and the men and women who gave theirs to me for us," said Gerald Roberts, a Korean War Veteran.

"Just remember all the veterans that served and it's just nice to honor them," said Derek Boshonek, Roberts' grandson.

Samantha McDonald, Fox 40 HD News.

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