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Mal-Employment High Among College Grads

(Source: Jason Weinstein)

Anika Michel is spending her first summer as a college graduate interning, not working. Come September,  the Binghamton University grad will be gainfully employed in Spain, teaching English to high school students outside of Madrid.

"There was definitely a hesitancy in the amount of job opportunities that would be available to me," said Michel.

A recent study by Northeastern University says 36 percent of college-educated workers under 25 are mal-employed, or working in positions that don't require a college degree.

"Based on what I've seen, friends and colleagues who are taking smaller jobs, part-time jobs until they are able to land their foot in the door to the job that could lead them to their desired career paths," said Michel.

And according to the study, your major matters.

Those with degrees in accounting, engineering or computer sciences are much more likely than others to find college-level work.

"There's a little more of a hesitancy and a little more worry and anxiety when you're applying for jobs, especially for someone like me who majored in the humanities," said Michel.

So what should future grads to to put themselves in the best
possible position?

"It's almost like a WIN model where we want to look at them and say, 'Hey, maybe you want to do work study, do an internship, and network. WIN," said Bill McCarthy, Associate Director of the Career Development Center at Binghamton University.

"One of the major components that puts grads ahead is having internship experience and a lot of job experience. So I kind of factored that into what I wanted to do," said Michel.

****In Vestal, Jason Weinstien, FOX 40 HD News****

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