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New Safety Regulations For Trucking Industry

New safety regulations for the trucking industry go into effect Monday and it's not going over so well with drivers.
One of the mandates calls for a 30 minute break after 8 hours of driving. Another mandates drivers can't work more than 70 hours in a seven-day period without taking a reset period of 34 consecutive off-duty hours.

John Snyder of Sage Trucking School says that last mandate could reduce production by four to six percent.

"Four percent is not a lot, but every dime counts in the industry now.  The cost will have to be passed on to the consumer.  It always is now.  There's no more efficiencies to be found in trucking.  Everything has to be through a surcharge or something," said Synder.

Snyder says the industry as a whole has doubled the number miles traveled in the last 20 years while cutting the number of fatal accidents by 20%.

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