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Wedding Season: Dessert Trends

ENDICOTT --  It's that time of year for graduations and weddings. And no celebration is complete without a cake.  So what's on the menu this year?

It was bustling Saturday at Baked Euphoria Cakes and Pastries in Endwell.  The store owner says customers are freshening up traditional cake styles with flowers, while others are following a new trend: lots of cupcakes instead of a whole cake. And she says the baking process is an emotional experience for her and the customers.

"Every Cake is treated like it's 'The Cake' the only cake we have so we don't rush, we don't make anybody's be something that has to be done in a hurry so that it gets jeopardized. Actually I had a woman come in this morning, picked up her cake, started to cry and made me cry. So it happens, you feel that same feelings you get so close to the customers, their not just somebody walking in the door," said Bonni Phelps, owner of Euphoria Baked Goods.

Phelps says there has been an increase in requests for gluten-free products this season.

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