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Binghamton Schools update Code of Conduct

BINGHAMTON -- Students in the Binghamton School District may be more severely punished for bullying, and may have to make adjustments to their behavior and dress code come next fall.
Tuesday night, the Binghamton School Board held a public hearing on proposed changes to the school district's code of conduct.  The changes provide for harsher punishments for bullying and holds students, teachers, and administrators to higher standards.  Another notable change is a ban at the high school level on visors or headgear that obstruct the face.  District officials say the changes are in keeping with Governor Cuomo's new Dignity For All Students Law.

"We just felt that, you know that with everything thats going on in schools today that it's just, it would be irresponsible not to review it," said Maura Kammermann, School Board President, BCSD

"They specifically mention bullying in the law now actually the law didn't use the word bully.  Also they mention the word cyber-bullying," said Carl Kieper, Attorney for BCSD.  "Again if there's cyber-bullying that impacts a school, we deal with it anyway."

The school board will vote on the changes at next week's board meeting.

To review the proposed changes to the code of conduct click the following link:§iondetailid=1635

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