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Windsor School District Donates $5,000 To School Damaged by Superstorm Sandy

(Source: Kate Thornton)

The Long Island town of Oceanside was greatly effected by Superstorm Sandy. About two feet of water filled the Oceanside School #4, destroying the library.

"The night before we had gotten a big delivery of $2,000 worth of books," said the school's library media specialist Mary Herman. "The custodians had put them on the floor, which is where they always put them in my office, and I never thought to move it. They were completely gone."

But thanks to hundreds of students at the Windsor School District, the Oceanside School #4 has nearly $5,000 to put towards the new library.

Windsor students spent months doing different fundraisers to raise money to donate to the downstate school.

"They lost a lot. It was so sad," said fifth grader Robert Bove.

"It really feels good to be able to help them out," said fifth grader Collin Bidwell.

The lost of knowledge is now regained for the school 200 miles away from Windsor.  And, it hasn't gone unappreciated. The students of Oceanside School #4 have written thank you letters and made thank you videos for all the Windsor students to show their gratitude.

"The students will always have that bond," said Herman. We're strangers, yet we they call us their pals. It's so humbling and heartwarming. It's encouragin to know that there are good people in the world who wanted to help us."
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