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Federal government drops 'morning-after pill' appeal

Females of all ages will soon be able to purchase the morning-after pill.
After receiving a wave of criticism from abortion rights groups, the Obama administration has agreed to comply with U.S. District Judge Edward Korman's order to allow the sale of the emergency contraception over the counter. This will allow minors to purchase the drug without a prescription. The CEO of Family Planning of South Central New York says she applauds the decision.

"Multiple studies have shown the use of emergency contraception by young women under the age of seventeen is safe and effective and very important. Multiple studies have shown that teens are no more likely to engage in risky sexual behavior when they have unrestricted access to emergency contraception," said Debra Marcus, CEO of Family Planning of South Central New York.
She says making the pill available to minors could help prevent over 750 thousand pregnancies among teens. This pill can prevent contraception if taken within 72-hours after sex.

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