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Constitution Group Says Land Rights Being Infringed

Are private property rights in New York and across the country being infringed in the name of environmentalism?
The local chapter of  Americans for Restoring the Constitution says that is exactly what's happening--and most people aren't even aware of what's going on.

They say political leaders, the EPA and other federal agencies are using the guise of Sustainability to take control of private property. They say their claims are not extreme, despite some highly-politicized websites.

"And we're saying, if it's extreme to demand protection for property rights and to allow our elected officials to do their jobs, then  guess we're extreme in believing that the Constitution should be enforced at all times, " said Jane Stebela, the presenter and a board member of the AFRTC.

The group ways the EPA has more power than the state police to enter your property--and control its usage.  They say it's part of the U.N's Agenda 21 program --which they see as an overall pattern to drive populations out of the countryside, and  back to urban areas.

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