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"Click it, or Ticket" patrols increasing

If it's not second nature to you already, think of it this way, buckling up your seat belt is not only safe, it's the law.
With Memorial Day approaching local authorities will be beefing up patrols to catch those not properly wearing their seat belts.  While 90% of drivers do, the 10% that don't put themselves at risk.  Sheriff Harder says remembering to buckle up is as easy as the slogan suggests.

"Either they click it together, the seat belt, or you get that ticket.  Those tickets are expensive, we're talking over $100, and $100 out of people's paychecks is a lot of money anymore.  I think if you teach your children at an early age it just becomes a standard thing to do, they don't think anything of it."

New York State Law says anyone sitting in the front seats and all passengers in the back seat under the age 16 must wear seat belts, but it is recommended that everyone in the car be properly buckled.  At the start of the program on Monday morning, the sheriff's office had already written 20 tickets to people not properly restrained.

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