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Serling Film Festival

Te ground-breaking Televsion series that Rod Serling created, ended decades before today's students were born:
But what he inspired in terms of imagination with The Twilight Zone, was apparent Friday night, in the latest generation of students who took part in the Rod Serling Video Festival.

The winning entries were viewed this evening at the elen foley theatre at binghamton high school-- from which Binghamton native rod serling graduated:

"we have a connection with Rod Serling. he was a graduate of Binghamton Central in 1943 and he was a tremendous pioneer in television and we want to both promote and continue his legacy and I think this is the great inspiration for students to try to reach his success," said  Lawrence Cassan, founder/director of the Rod Serling Film Festival
Winning entries were produced by students in Kindergarten through High School.

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