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Friends Remember Angelo Zuccolo

(Source: Jason Weinstein)

As friends recalled countless memories of Angelo Zuccolo, they remembered his many talents.

"Angelo was truly a renaissance man," said Dr. Francis Battisti, Executive Vice President at Broome Community College.

"He started this theater when it was not much of anything and he turned out so many great, great actors and they've gone on to bigger careers," said friend Don Giovanni of The Don Giovanni Show.

"Angelo made a name for The Little Theater at BCC because of the treasures and the jewels that were in that little theater with his department. He was actually a genius," said Robert Keller, Founder of the Binghamton Walk of Fame.

Aside from being the Theater Director at BCC for 30 years, Zuccolo performed in stage, film, and television, wrote three books of poetry, and taught Italian and Public Speaking.

"He really wanted to show the life of who we are as humans. He would make things really come alive. Even in his professional work he was bigger than life," said Battisti.

"He really made that little mish mash of students feel like family. We were all stuck down there in this windowless room and he really just opened us all up and was so warm and charismatic," said Heather Kithcart, a former student of Zuccolo's.

Zuccolo directed over 100 plays at BCC. But his final production is just now coming together - his funeral.

"We talked about it for years and planned it out. He told us everything and what you're going to do. He wants me to do all the music," said Giovanni.

"Today when we were at the funeral home he wanted a basic funeral vault. The guy questioned it a little bit. I said you do not want to mess with what Angelo wants because I know he's at a place now where he really is powerful," said Battisti.

And Zuccolo's days in the theater may not be done either.

"And we now have another ghost. In the theater there's always the ghost that always helps all of us. So Angelo I'm sure will be within this theater and other theaters in this area," said Battisti.

****In Broome County, Jason Weinstein, FOX 40 HD News****

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