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Osborn case dismissed by court

Case dismissed:

That's what local attorney Ron Benjamin tells Fox 40 News about the criminal charges brought against a suspended U-E student accused of wanting to bring guns to school.
Vincent Osborn was one of two students suspended for a year, when other students accused them of the gun threats, during a session in an internet chat room.

The boys' attorney, Ron Benjamin, points to Family Court Judge Spero Pines decision, which orders the petition by the county dismissed, because the witnesses were not credible and the county failed to prove its case.

Benjamin says it all began with a shoddy investigation by the school district.

"Nobody bothered investigating that, nobody looked at the circumstances, everybody simply jumped the gun because they heard 'Columbine' and they got all panicky and didn't bother looking at any facts," Benjamin said.  "Now two children have missed an entire year of school over nothing."

In July, the court is expected to decide on the charges against the second student who was suspened, David Terwiliger..  Benjamin expects another dismissal, saying that the facts, and lack of credible witnesses are virtually identical.

Benjamin says lawsuits for damages will be pursued.

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