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Low Temperatures Could Be Devastating For Crops

Many local farmers will have a sleepless night Monday night, keeping one eye on the thermometer, and the other on their crops.

A freeze could be devastating to farmers like Dave Johnson of Apple Hills Farm in the Town of Chenango.

Johnson will irrigate his strawberry crop if temps fall to 35 degrees so that a layer of ice will protect the berries.

But there is no such solution for apples. Just how close to or below freezing temps get will make all the difference.

"Make or break. that's what happened last year. We were down our crop, apple crop, by about a third. But if it was a degree colder we wouldn't have had a crop at all. That's how close it is sometime," said Johnson.

Johnson says cloudy skies Monday night would be good, since it would prevent radiation cooling which would drop the temperatures even further.

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