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Mayor Deemie Prepares For More Negotiations With Police And Fire Unions

In Johnson City, Mayor Greg Deemie is preparing for new rounds of negotiations with both police and fire unions.  This time, he hopes the contract talks are not as tense.
You might remember that under past administrations,  the Village was in pitched battles with both it's police and fire unions.  The firefighters took the Village to court over the elimination of six positions, which the union said violated the no lay-offs clause of its contract. A court decided that it didn't and bad feelings remained.

Mayor Deemie says that staffing issue could come up again, but without the bitterness that surrounded it. 

"Well, it was decided legally, but that can always be discussed and something worked on, and you know, if they want, possibly put back into the contract, if we're willing to do that, it's something we can still talk about, " Mayor Greg Deemie.

Mayor Deemie says all the departments are "on board" with helping the Village weather it's budget crisis.

He says the Village and the unions can negotiate constructively, with rancor.

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