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Parents Weigh In On Binghamton Budget Deficit

On Tuesday, the public weighed in on how the Binghamton School District could keep teachers in their jobs, while wresting with a  5.3 million dollar deficit. 

There was a sparse crowd for the public hearing but parents still had much to say.

This district has lost $20.7 million in financial aid since 2008-2009. The board is suggesting reducing staff by 54.9 positions.  Of the 54.9 positions, 32.4 are lay-offs, the others retirements or resignations.  The board says this would save close to $3 million.

Parents voiced their concerns about cutting the college connection program and trimming language programs from earlier grades.

"It feels as though what we're looking at is the slow, painful, sure death of the Binghamton City School District as we know it. You cannot talk about losing people as a savings. When you've lost people in the school system, you have a loss, not a savings. We should be grieving it, not saying, 'Well, good. We managed to save something,' " said a woman at the hearing.

There is a 3.92 percent increase in the budget from last year.

The school board election and budget vote will take place May 21st from 11- 8 p.m.  If the public doesn't approve the budget, the district may submit a revised budget by June 3 or adopt a contingency budget with a tax levy no higher than last years.

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