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Preparing for Severe Weather; Tornados

Tornadoes violent column of air tearing off roofs snapping trees like toothpicks and flying debris. 

It's no force to reckon with. Which is why you must take a tornado watch seriously.

That means the conditions are right for a tornado to form and once a warning is issued it's time to take action! 

A warning is issued when a tornado has been spotted or Doppler Radar shows signs of a developing tornado.

In a tornado warning go to your safe place in a basement or in an interior room in the lowest level of your home. Closets and bathrooms work best, but try to stay away from windows as much as you can.

If you're driving and a tornado warning is issued get out of your car and seek shelter immediately! 

If there isn't shelter nearby, get out of the car and lie flat in a ditch or in a low spot with your hands over your head. 

These winds can toss your car like it's a toy so don't stay in the car!

A common myth is taking shelter in an overpass-which not the thing to do. 

In fact, the overpass can act like a wind tunnel and make things worse and don't hide nooks and crannys of the underpass either.

Now tomorrow we're going to talk about something we know too well here in the Southern Tier flooding so be sure to tune in.

Remember you can find all this information on the National Weather Service's website,

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