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NY Severe Weather Awareness Week, Part 1

(Source: Meteorologist Kate Thornton)

It's springtime, and that's means the start of severe weather season.

In fact our region has already been rocked by several severe thunderstorms, and even a tornado.  So Fox40, along with the National Weather Service want to make sure you're prepared.

Did you know that severe weather has been the cause of 50 deaths in the last 20 years in New York State? And, caused more than a quarter of a billion of dollars in damage?

On average per year, the National Weather Service issues 400 severe thunder storm warnings, 17 tornado warnings, and about 150 flash flood warnings!

So, to reduce your chances of being hurt or worse, it's important to know the difference between a watch and a warning.

When a severe thunderstorm, tornado, or flood watch is issued, that means the conditions are favorable for that event and you need to be prepared to take action if and when a warning is issued.

A warning means the event is imminent or occurring and action must be taken immediately!

For the rest of the week we'll talk all about severe weather, like what to do in different situations, and helpful tools to keep you and your family safe. 

For more on New York Severe Weather Awareness Week, the National Weather Service has some great information on their website:

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