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Mock Disaster at BCC

Broome Community College hosted its second annual mock disaster event on Friday.

Students from 14 departments like nursing, EMS and Hazmat, Physical Therapy, Theater, and Media Production responded to an environmental disaster event to gain valuable real-life experience in their field of study. 

"Every department at the college is participating, and when they graduate in May, when they get on the job, they will know what it's like to be part of chaos that's going on in real life," said Chairman of the Criminal Justice Department at BCC Wesley Warren.

"Theater requires a lot of moving around and really using all of your body.  Trying to be able to stay still is something completely different for what I've done. I've never even play a dead person before. But, I'm glad I could help out and give the other majors the experience they need," said Theater Major Beth Moffitt.  Moffitt acted as a victim during the mock disaster.

This year's event was a propane tank explosion.  It involved 33 victims.  Students had to care for these victims using skills and knowledge learned in their respective programs. Faculty monitored the activity, providing feedback as necessary.

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