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BU Scholars Transform Local Park

BINGHAMTON -- Some Binghamton University scholars have ditched their spreadsheets for shovels.

Award-winning artist Tara Diana Schneider is bringing her vision to life.
With the help of over 150 of her peers, they transformed Walnut Street Park in just in one day.

"People will drive by and see it and hopefully be inspired by it and uplifted by it," said Tara Diana Schneider, a BU PwC Scholar.

It is all part of BU's annual Community Service Day event.  The PricewaterhouseCoopers Scholars have raised over $20,000 over the year for the project.

The scholars are inviting the community to celebrate the grand opening of the park on Tuesday, April 30.

"When we saw the kids playing and how excited they were just to have a grass field, we were like, wow, we can't imagine how enthused they'd be to have a jungle gym and things to play on," said BU PwC Scholars President Theo Baktidy.

It took the entire day to build the playground and clean the park.

"We found a pair of pants, a shoe, like a whole outfit here," said
a group of scholars.

It's not the kind of work the students are used to doing.

"Usually we sit at desks, and we're used to paper-pushing and excel spreadsheets," said Baktidy.

But today, these business students traded their laptops for spinning chairs.

"I know it's going to be a big load off my shoulders when I see it all done and I see kids playing on the jungle gym," said Baktidy.

Samantha McDonald, Fox 40 HD News.

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