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Locals react to UFC 159 matchup

BINGHAMTON -- With just two days remaining until Jon Bones Jones fights in defense of the Light Heavyweight Championship, there is much buzz around the Greater Binghamton Area about the 607 local. Jones will be fighting trash-talker Chael Sonnen. Consensus around the area is that Sonnen's bark is much stronger than his bite.

CNYMMA's David Bush, a coach, trainer and fighter at the gym where Bones used to train, says "I think that Sonnen bit off a little bit more than he can chew. I think it's  just too high caliber a fighter for him. I think it's going to be a slaughter."

Strong words from the local MMA scene, but what about local UFC fans?

Robert Hutchings, co-owner of Downtown Binghamton's Burger Mondays, says, "If the fighter is better, which I think Jon is, I think that... we all know what's going to happen."

Maybe the 607 is biased, but what makes it so convincing?

Tamden McCrory, the Co-Founder and Head Instructor at Bones' old gym CNYMMA, offers his opinion of Sonnen. "He's not really going to be able to handle, once Jon starts throwing those elbows and those knees in there it's going to start breaking him down pretty quick."

"I don't think it's hype at all. Jon Jones is freestyle, Greco, Judo. It's not a show," adds Bush.

In the Southern Tier, Bones Jones is the real thing. He has all the support around the area.

"I'm in his corner 100%. I don't think anyone can beat him," said Hutchings.

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