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Endicott Interconnect Technologies Layoffs

Has there been another big round of lay-offs at yet another local industry?

That's what the State Labor Department intends to find out.

The inquiry revolves around a question of how many workers now remain at Endicott Interconnect technologies. 
1100 were reported working there as recently at this past November, according to an annual report from the Broome County Industrial Development Agency.  But, according to an article in the Press and Sun Bulletin, just 600 workers remain at the plant. 

Companies the size of E.I. are required to give public notice within  90 days of layoffs involving 250 or more full time workers.

So, there's a question of why there was no public notice of it, if there was a sizable lay-off.  But, the so-called warn act does not apply if the layoffs are spread out over a period of time, or if other factors are involved.

E.I. has not yet returned calls from Fox 40 News.  The Department of Labor says it's ready to assist laied-off workers in finding new employment.

Here are the numbers to call:
In Owego, the labor office can be reached at 687-8500. 
In Binghamton, the number is 778-2136.

You can also visit those offices, in person, during normal business hours.

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