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Families of Crime Victims Honor Loved Ones

For the next week, the Oakdale Mall in Johnson City will have a memorial wall to honor crime victims in the Binghamton.

Two men whose lives were cut short by crime were Michael Mills and Robert Moorehead III are just a couple of faces out of the more than 100 that you will see.

"It just hurts to know that you have to see him on the wall," said Mills' mother Jane Mills. Michael Mills, from Deposit, was murdered about a year and a half ago.

While no family member wants to see their loved one on that wall, most feel it's a nice tribute to their lives.

"It means a lot that they have something like this that you can go to," said Moorehead III's father Robert Moorehead, Jr.

In honor of New York State's Crime Victims' Rights Week, families and local leaders gathering in front of the memorial wall to discuss how more help has been provided for crime victims. Raining Baudendistel from the Crime Victims Assistance Program in Binghamton said there has been great strides in the last 30 years like the establishment of victim compensation funding.

This year's theme for Crime Victim Rights Week is "New Challenges, New Solution".

"This year's theme also reminds us of the work left to do on the forefront for victim services, including the convoluted nature and ever changing faces of the victims and families we serve," said Baudendistel.

District Attorney Gerald Mollen has gotten to know many of the families present too well because of unfortunate circumstances. He applauded their strength and courage.

"Each person affected by these crimes become powerful forces, both in criminal justice system and in the community," said Mollen.

Although nothing can bring the sons, daughters, parents, and grandparents, the families take comfort knowing they have the love and support of the community.

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