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EF1 Tornado Confirmed in Bainbridge from Friday's Violent Storms

(Source: Meteorologist Kate Thornton)

The National Weather Service in Binghamton has confirmed an EF1 tornado on the Enhanced Fujita Scale occurred just before 8pm Friday night, with estimated maximum wind speeds 110 mph.

A strong cold front that swept through the area resulted in the NWS issuing multiple Severe Thunderstorm Warnings and Tornado Warnings.

Saturday, a survey team from the NWS the Bainbridge/Sidney area in Chenango and Delaware Counties.

The NWS confirms a tornado touched down 4 miles SSE of Bainbridge and tracked northeast about 3.2 miles, and ended about 3 miles south of Sidney from 7:53pm to 7:58pm Friday, April 19th.

According to the NWS, the tornado touched down between I-99 and Highway 206 on East Afton Road.  Two power poles were snapped and a car was destroyed by a large tree branch.  Another vehicle was also damaged.

The tornado snapped and uprooted many trees.  A barn also had minor damage.

The NWS says the tornado continued northeast and crossed highway 206 where a farm equipment building an a mobile home were heavily damaged, and a storage trailer destroyed.

Other nearby homes had minor damage including a carport that was lifted and moved 75 feet according to the public information statement.

The NWS says the tornado intensified to a high end EF1 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale while traveling in the vicinity of Houck Drive.  One to two foot diameter trees along its path were snapped and uprooted.

The tornado then crossed into Delaware County, downing several more trees on some properties along Highway 8 before dissipating according to the report.

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