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Darren Kramer: B-Sen, and Inventor

BINGHAMTON -- Peanut butter is a food that is very appealing to athletes because it is high in protein and in calories. AHL-er Darren Kramer prefers to enjoy every last drop of the spread but has found it to be a nuisance when he cannot avoid making a mess as he nears the bottom of the jar.

Though Kramer has a reputation as one of the B-Sens fighters, when he drops his gloves off the ice, the forward prefers to keep his hands clean.

Kramer is not alone, A lot of people have the issue when the peanut butter reaches the bottom half you always end up digging for it and you end up getting peanut butter on your fingers.

So he developed an invention.

I just thought of this new jar and it just came to mind really quick.

A peanut butter jar that comes in two parts. How exactly does that work?

When you reach the halfway mark, you twist the upper portion off. Then the lid just screws on to the bottom section, explains the B-Sen.

Though still patent pending, Kramers teammates are very interested in the product.

Kramer says, We eat peanut butter pretty much every day so usually, weekly, theres always a comment out there, When is the jar coming? When is it coming?

Because of that, the B-Sen even has the marketing covered around the rink.

Teammate Hugh Jessiman discusses the jar with Kramer, It allows you to get the full extent of the peanut butter, is that correct?" "Exactly. Its just very convenient, mess free, answers the inventor.

Left Winger Shane Prince also weights in, I think your product is a real innovation." When Kramer asks, "So you would definitely buy the product?" His teammate answers without hesitation, "Definitely.

The invention has also earned Kramer a new reputation in the locker room.

He really changed my view on Darren. He turned into a genius to me. That invention is just unbelievable, says Prince.

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