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Conklin Kitchen Catches Fire After Resident Falls Asleep VIEW VIDEO
Fire crews were called to a home in Conklin last night after reports of a house fire. Crews said the fire was caused by cooking. A neighbor told said the person in the home had fallen asleep... more

Authorities Investigate A Possible Meth Lab in Endwell VIEW VIDEO
Police are investigating a possible meth lab in Endwell. Hazmat and fire crews were on the scene of a home on Richmond Rd. this afternoon where they believe the lab is operating. Police... more

Group Of Veterans Fly To Washington DC VIEW VIDEO
A group of veterans from Syracuse were honored by taking a special plane trip to our nation's capitol. The Twin Tiers Honors flight recognizes veterans who have served by flying them to DC where... more

Johnson City High School Football Player Rushed To Hospital VIEW VIDEO
A teen was injured this afternoon during a football game at Johnson City High School.Police said they received reports that the teen was unconscious on the field. He was taken to the hospital by... more

Shooting Incident Leaves Man In Critical Condition VIEW VIDEO
A man is in critical condition right now following a shooting this morning. Authorities say they found a 20-year-old male victim with a gunshot wound in the chest. The incident occurred... more

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