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Larry Sparano

Born and raised in Waterbury, Connecticut, Larry has had a long career in broadcasting. After earning a degree in English and History at the University of Connecticut, Larry worked at a variety of jobs, including teaching, construction, free-lance photography and print journalism. He eventually turned to radio, and then television. He has worked as an TV anchor and reporter in Springfield, MA, Derry, NH, Syracuse, NY, Scranton, PA, and Norwalk, CT. For a time, he was editor and publisher of a weekly investigative newspaper HOT COPY, which quickly became popular in the Scranton area. Larry has interviewed everyone from former presidents and presidential candidates and other major political figures to nationally known artists and writers. While working in the Scranton area, Larry uncovered and aired stories involving corruption and crime involving major political and community figures. A number of his stories resulted in civil and criminal charges being brought against offenders and even prison time for some prominent citizens. Larry continues looking for the story behind the story, and for the details which makes a news event relevant to the viewers of his broadcasts. He believes reporters have a responsibility to act as a public watchdog and a check and balance for government and powerful individuals. Larry is an avid photographer and often turns his lens to nature and landscapes. He enjoys history, movies, and constantly reads books and articles on a wide range of subjects. He and his wife Sharon are animal lovers, and share their home with seven dogs and one cat - all rescued from abusive situations, adopted from owners who could no longer care for them, or taken in as strays.

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