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Ayla Ferrone

Ayla Ferrone has always loved to write, but she didn’t get the “news bug” until she was a first-year-student at Ithaca College.

“I entered as a speech pathology major and hated it within the first two weeks of classes. I had always had a passion for writing, and it came to me easily--so I decided journalism would be a better fit,” said Ferrone.

She didn’t just find a better fit, she found her calling. Ayla began reporting and working as an associate producer for Ithaca’s television station while serving as a contributing writer for the school’s newspapaer, The Ithacan.

“The passion I have for reporting and being in the news industry is unmatched by anything else in my life. I wake up every day excited to learn about new things and meet new people,” said Ferrone.

While learning more about her community and the world around her, Ayla was moved to help. She helped lead a student coalition against genocide, raise money to deliver clean water to the Sudan and traveled to Washington D.C. to connect with other student coalitions from across the country.

Ayla was also co-president of her school’s TOM’s Club, a shoe exchange program that helps underprivileged youth.

As a junior, she traveled to London to intern with a UK production company and an internship at Newschannel 34 brought her to Binghamton in 2012.

The Syracuse native joined the WICZ family in 2013 as a weekend reporter and was most recently called up to anchor the weekend news.

During her downtime, you’ll likely spot Ayla out on a run, a hike, or enjoying a meal at one of the Southern Tier’s many restaurants.

“The food here is so great and there are so many options! When I'm not cooking I love trying out new places.”

If you would like to compare recipes or share a news tip you can email her at or via twitter @fox40ayla.

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