Why aren’t yours blooming? 
  • Most often, you may have bought the wrong type. The following lists break down some types that need shade and a few that do not require it. And, yes, these are their actual names.

    Those that need shade—such as Mopheads & Lacecaps:

    • Endless Summer

    • Big Daddy

    • Nikko Blue

    Position these types with north/northwestern exposure avoiding southern sun. They will get burned by the afternoon heat.

    Those that can handle the sun—such as Paniculata:

    • Limelight

    • Vanilla Strawberry

    • Pinky Winky

    • Incrediball


  • Late frost can burn flower buds and prevent them from blooming. When this is the case, there is not much you can do. Unless you have something like a Limelight, which can be pruned-back forcing new flowers to grow.  


  • Correct pruning is very important. Certain types, such as Mopheads and Lacecaps, set buds for the next season in late summer, so prune these only before August to avoid removing next year’s flowers.  


  • Good nutrients are important for Hydrangeas, try to work in compost as these types of plants feed heavily.  


  • Acidity will affect the coloring of certain types of Hydrangea, so be sure to work in the right products.  


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