Mulching & How to Apply It

How to choose your mulch:

  • Go for natural, pure mulch made from bark.
  • Avoid any type that contains materials mixed in, such as palettes, cardboard, or yard waste.

 Why use mulch?

  • Mulch suppresses weeds on your landscape. The key is to apply it 3-4 inches thick.
  • Keeps plants warmer in the winter and cooler in summer, while maintaining needed moisture.
  • Mulch will eventually break down and give nutrients to the soil, which is beneficial for you plant material.

 What not to do:

  • Do not build up mulch around base of tree, known as volcano mulching. This keeps water from traveling up the plant.
  • A thick layer of mulch is not needed every year, let it break down and turn into soil. If you choose to do so annually, just add a dusting on the top for color.
  • Avoid packing mulch onto foliage, be sure to lift branches and dust it underneath.

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