To our viewers who are DISH Network customers:

DISH Network and Northwest Broadcasting, the parent company of (station) have discontinued their business relationship as of 5 PM EST Monday, November 26, 2012.


Right up to the point of a breakdown in negotiations, our company expected it would reach a mutually satisfactory agreement for continued carriage of our stations. The negotiations had been going on for several months, with no disruption in service to DISH customers.


It takes two parties to have a disagreement, and you are likely to hear from DISH this is about some astronomical increase in rates.  However, the terms requested by Northwest are almost identical to those agreed to by other providers. 


The Northwest Broadcasting dispute with DIRECTV earlier this year involved some of the same issues.  At the end of ten weeks of service disruption, the two parties found common ground and DIRECTV restored (station) to their line-up.


Our obligation as a broadcaster is to serve our communities with news and information, programming that is desired by the community and public service.  The last thing our company wants is a disruption in that service through your subscription TV service of choice.  In the past twelve months, our company has successfully completed 13 agreements with other operators. 


Northwest Broadcasting, Inc. is small family owned company which has put its heart and soul into building TV stations that viewers like you will want to watch.  Through good times and bad, we have remained accessible to our viewers.  You will find that you can easily pick up the phone and speak to our General Managers in our local communities.


It is difficult for our small company to stand up to a $14 billion company like DISH, but if we do not, we will not be able to survive in this economic environment.  We hope you understand our position and our pledge to you is that we will work industriously to resolve this conflict with DISH . 


In the meantime, you may find it necessary to install an over-the-air antenna to continue receiving our news and information, NFL Football, college championship football, and great Fox Network programming.  For help with installing an antenna, please refer to further instructions on our website.

Northwest Broadcasting, Inc.
FOX 40 - Binghamton, New York
FOX 28 - Spokane, Washington
FOX 26 - Medford, Oregon
FOX 11 - Pendleton, Oregon/Tri-Cities, Washington
FOX 41 - Yakima, Washington 

What our viewers are saying:

It's a shame what DirecTV is doing to you. But I am so glad you are taking the stance you are. I'm pretty sure they'll order you to cease and desist from your Constitutional rights to air promos showing your feelings about what happened. But you are keeping up the fight and that's a good thing...

In the past two weeks, we have bought two cheap antennas for ourselves, and one for our son in the TriCities. We have tested them out and we have a GREAT PICTURE on all our local TV channels - for free using $10-15 antennas attached to newer TVs. We are READY for Seahawks football AND American Idol. We are also considering DROPPING our DirecTV subscription. We side with Fox. We support the local broadcasters!

After doing this research, I am now more convinced to pull the plug on DirecTV and go local. If we support our local stations, we will get better local news. Go Binghamton pride go, take back the market, and save money too.

...I have called DirecTV several times in regards to this matter. I have found the service and customer appreciation to be well below my standards. If it were not for the nearly $400 I would have in cancellation fees, I would have changed service providers already.

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Alternative Services to DIRECTV:


Over the air signal - To determine the proper antenna type click here


Time Warner - (888) 211-5802

Dish Network - (888) 926-5457   

Adams (888) 222-0077

Beaver Valley - (570) 247-2512

DTC Cable - (800) 653-1507

Haefele - (800) 338-6330

Hancock Video - (607) 637-2568

MTC Cable - (845) 586-3311

Oquaga Lake - (607) 467-4942


Please call the service providers above to see if they are available in your area.